Monday, February 02, 2009


TRAFFIC SAFETY FILM (1969 remake of 1953 original)

"Hi, I'm Troy McClure! Today, I'll be teaching you the "dos" and "do not dos" of getting flattened in the street because you JUST DIDN'T LISTEN!!!!"

Nothing at all to do with music, except that the kid is played by Brian Forster who would later be the Partridge Family's second fake drummer. (They walled up the original Chris Partridge in a basement in the middle of nowhere for "talking back" to the director)

The year was 1973 and our primary school teacher screened this "fill-um" (that's how she pronounced it) to illustrate how easy it would be for us to be squished by an assortment of late 60's American cars driven by child killing maniacs. Note the evil judgement that rains down on the kid when he's put before the panel of three frightening automobiles.

A friend of the family at that time drove a '69 Plymouth Fury and I was convinced that his car was going to clear its throat and damn me to hell for not looking both ways before crossing the street.

Scariest part? The dog's excellent acting.

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