Friday, February 07, 2014


Flashback to February 7,1964. The Beatles land at JFK in New York for the first time and are greeted by thousands of screamers. Shortly after that, it was time to play meet the press.

The questions were pretty terrible, though some of the answers were priceless.

Two days later they would make their inaugural appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show". 73.7 million viewers tuned in to get a look at the band and popular music changed radically from this point on.

Cost of living at that time?

Average yearly income $5,880
Gallon of gas .25¢
Gallon of milk $1.06
Loaf of bread .21¢
1st class postage stamp .05¢
Pay phone (local call) .10¢
Look Magazine .25¢ an issue
Life Magazine .35¢ an issue
Movie ticket $1.25
Emerson 11" portable TV $139.95
Admiral 19" portable TV $139.95
Emerson transistor tape recorder (reel to reel) $79.95
Best Homes-(pre fabricated houses) $8,990-$17,990
Rolls Royce Silver cloud III sedan $16,655