Saturday, January 31, 2009



Two true Irish poets who breathed life into everything they touched, captured live in 1977. This is a sentimental trip, as my mom was kind enough to take me along with her to see them play at the Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay in 1978. I had no idea of their significance or stature, though the memory of meeting the duo afterward to shake hands is a very happy one.

Liam is the lone survivor of the celebrated musical Clancy brothers, left to tell the stories with wit, a spellbinding lilt and a healthy amount of blarney. Tommy Makem passed in the summer of 2007.

For those with any interest in the genre, I also recommend this album, recorded live in the 60's on a Sunday afternoon at Columbia Records' 30th Street studio with Pete Seeger and 200 supporters. The joy in this performance is infectious. At age five, this one and "Beatles '65" were my favorite records. Wrecked both of them on a little mono suitcase record player.

"The Rambles of Spring" from a 1981 TV special, filmed at Bunratty Castle, Ireland.

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