Monday, September 02, 2013


Joseph Bridge has another teaser for listeners to check out in advance of his album release.

"Mr. Waterpump" bears the stamp of the adventurous, psychedelic songcraft that colored the work of certain UK artists in the mid sixties (Syd Barrett era Floyd, early Traffic). There is great structure here with a clever, wordless hook built in to the chorus. Radio Caroline in the UK has embraced the tune, where it has been heavily aired and requested. Refreshing in its austere arrangement, the song embraces an element of eccentricity coupled with a fine pop sensibility that makes it wholly accessible. Impossible to dislodge from the brain once you have taken it in, "Mr.Waterpump" is inspired.

From what I have heard of the tracks that will comprise the full length disc, there is much to be commended. Stellar set that is highly anticipated. Enjoy this gem for now...