Saturday, February 07, 2009



Allowing these songs to permeate your cerebellum would definitely be one of the nicest things that you could do for your brain. Gomez came out of the UK indie scene in the mid 90's with demos that inspired a bidding war to sign them. A co-worker was kind enough to loan me this CD when it was still a fresh item and I was instantly hooked.

Writing and playing here is first rate, while the production values have moved up a notch from the low-fi feel of their first disc (the also quite excellent "Bring It On"). Best of all, they make zero concessions to trendy noises or styles, while taking care not to venture into tuneless experimentation. Melodic fare mixes with unexpected 180 degree turns in arrangement ("Las Vegas Dealer") and having three vocalists ensures variety in pace and tone.

"Devil Will Ride" encompasses every facet of this multi-talented group, showcasing tight harmonies, tricky riffs and a surprise horn interlude that doesn't interrupt the flow of the song, despite a dead stop.

Don't buy into the bullshit tags that have been carelessly applied to "Liquid Skin". Psychedelic blues was a laughable example. They forge their own esoteric sound.

Lots of information is presented to the listener, so it may take a few spins to absorb all that is on offer. Exhilarating passages are expertly woven together with the best ideas refined and made stronger because they are fed into a communal pool of musicians reaching a bit higher.

It all works, leaving an impression of timelessness.

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