Thursday, January 08, 2009



Appreciation for all things musical often comes at the expense of certain social expectations. Listening for a small quirk in an arrangement when you should be focusing on a conversation is just a small symptom of this.

Discovering an artist that reminds you of why you became obsessed with music to begin with is the payoff.

Despite years lost in dusty record stores I have only become aware of Nick Drake's contributions in the past year.

Glad to have finally caught up.

Released in 1972, "Pink Moon" was his third and final album. Like its predecessors, little notice was taken of it and by 1974, he was gone.

Accompanied only by an acoustic guitar in a myriad of tunings, the voice is that of someone who's constantly telling you a secret. Leaning in closer, you pick up information missed the first time around.

Return trips to these quiet, inscrutable songs become inevitable.

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