Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Never one to shy away from surprises, David Bowie is marking his 66th birthday by releasing his first new music since 2003. "Where Are We Now?", produced by Tony Visconti, harks back to the time that he had spent in Berlin in the 1970s with an accompanying video featuring black-and-white footage of the city when it was still divided.

His new album, “The Next Day”, will be released in March.

Bowie has been out of the spotlight for the last decade, save for one live appearance in 2006. His musical incarnations during the seventies were always challenging, sometimes confounding but rarely disappointing. When he is on, there are few that rank with him, though his output from the mid 80s onward has been hit and miss. You must hand the man a cigar for continuing to evolve as a musician and writer, rather than sliding comfortably into “greatest hits” territory in the twilight of his career.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jones! Your return to business is welcome, considering the appalling state of mainstream music.

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