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January 30th, 1969

The Beatles were at the tail end of the "Get Back" project, which was originally envisioned as a return to the format that produced their first LP. The difference here would be that the group would be filmed bringing in new material, shaping the songs through rehearsal and then playing the new album live.

There are entire books devoted to this episode, which ultimately helped to decide their fate as a functioning unit.

It wasn't all bad

Setting up on the rooftop of 3 Savile Row (Apple headquarters in London) the four most famous faces in the world at that time gave a little lunchtime concert for the business district.

Just how loud did the Beatles play?

Ken Mansfield, who was there amongst the chimney pots, provides his recollection of the set.

"It was loud. I’ve heard recordings of what it sounded like down on the street and I was surprised. Somebody ... that worked at Apple and got there late that day and got locked out ... said they came down the street and they turned onto Savile Row and they said it was like a wall of sound. It was really loud on the street. ... probably about as loud as they could get."

It was the last public performance that the quartet would ever give. When the Let It Be movie was finally released nearly a year and a half after the fact, this segment would close the film.

Rumor has it that we might finally see an official DVD release of Let It Be in 2013. I have been hearing this since 2003, so I'm not holding my breath...

The full monty (audio)

Video for you perverts who like to watch...

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