Friday, May 08, 2009



One man band Karl Wallinger's World Party was part manifesto and pure, mid sixties influenced pop. "Bang!" is no exception. Nothing wrong with good melodies. This one got swept away in the grunge parade that was holding up musical traffic on just about every street in the early 90's.. Certainly not a complaint, though British invasion styled sounds were finding their way back into fashion, soon to be reanimated in the form of Britpop.

Wallinger went back to excellent stylistic sources in crafting his tunes, so you'll have fun picking out his favorite bands in the mix. The entire LP is pretty easy on the ear, as is most all of his work.

"Is It Like Today?" would be the best known selection from this disc and it's of the finest that he ever wrote.

"Kingdom Come" and "Sooner or Later" claim honorable mention.

Fans of The Who will either be annoyed or scream, "Shit! Did you hear that?!?" upon listening to "Sunshine".

An underlying ecological message dominates the lyrics, though I was too busy tossing empties off the balcony to notice when I first played this back in 1993. I soon learned to "go green" and bring the bottles back in exchange for cash.


Seriously, this is a fine album from a very under-appreciated talent.

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