Thursday, May 14, 2009



Can you recall the last time that you took your brain out to dinner and treated it right? Exposing it to this album will more than make up for all of those boring nights at home.

Far from being bad, this is six string righteousness beyond all of your wildest expectations.

Jazzers hate it.

His interpretation of Paul Desmond' s "Take Five" is one of the reasons for their indisposition. Don't pay attention to them, as this is a really funky cover with brilliant, smooth solo passages.

Steve Gadd and Ron Carter anchor a dream rhythm section, while Phil Upchurch handles second guitar. Kenny Barron rounds out this stellar crew on piano. These guys never leave the pocket and cook up some extremely enjoyable high wire playing, especially on the 13 minute plus "Serbian Blue". Benson's lines are clean and sharp throughout and the grooves are guaranteed to snap your neck.

You'll die happy.

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