Monday, May 18, 2009



First dates can certainly be nerve wracking for a guy. You want to make a decent first impression, dress well and find a cool place to go that you'll both enjoy. Keeping your hands free of sticky, bubblegum-like goo is also advisable, just in case.

Everyone's favorite German rockers were in a period of transition before the recording of "Lovedrive". Guitarist Uli Jon Roth had left the band. Mattias Jabs was in, Michael Schenker rejoined and for this album, the Scorpions briefly had a three guitar team. The result was their most solid set of songs to date. "Loving You Sunday Morning" kicks things off with a fairly straightforward riff that goes to more interesting places on the bridge and a killer chorus featuring really airy harmonies.

Overall, the guitar work is exceptional, with their signature sound really falling into place here. Anthemic rock ballads ("Always Somewhere", "Holiday") are sprinkled in with heavier material like "Another Piece of Meat" and the excellent title track.

Never forgetting melody, there are some fine hooks that jump out and grab your ear. It isn't a huge time investment either, clocking in at just over half an hour. Useless trivia time! A few years back I went to see Uli Jon Roth play in a bar in Cleveland. After the show he was out mingling with the crowd and my buddies and I chatted with him for a bit. He told us that the band members picked the name "Scorpions" because it is recognizable in just about every language. Marketing 101.

Worth owning for the cover alone.

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