Wednesday, July 01, 2015


A truly gifted musician, singer and composer passed away this week. He was dedicated to his craft and was in the vanguard of a completely new genre of music called progressive rock. Co-founder of Yes, Christopher Squire was an innovative bassist who was virtually without peer, though the exploration of the upper fretboard of his Rickenbacker overshadowed his abilities as a harmony singer. He effortlessly tracked Jon Anderson line for line on some of the most complex, melodic compositions ever committed to tape. Even now, the ground that he and his bandmates covered seems futuristic.

It is impossible to measure the influence that he had on other musicians. No less a light than Geddy Lee has often stated that without Squire, his own playing would not have flowered in the way it did. Trail blazing and brilliant, "Fish" will be sorely missed by family, friends and a legion of music fans.

For those that want to celebrate his talent, listen to his solo debut "Fish Out of Water" from 1975. It showcases his vocal, instrumental and compositional prowess. Turn it up loud...

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