Saturday, October 20, 2012


Pleasant surprises abound with this collection of very well crafted tunes, courtesy of Rod Delcourt and Wendell Wilson. You are well advised to first go to this link and take up their generous offer to download the disc, free of charge. This is akin to leaving precious gems on the front lawn for the taking.

What will you find here?

Exceptional melodies, well defined, country-folk tinged songs that are sonically sharp and very easy on the ears. Special mention goes to the warm recorded sound of acoustic guitars as well as the great vocal blend of the duo.

Pristine in every way, "It's Only Love" is framed by impeccably picked acoustics with the world weary authority of the lead vocal wrapped in sweet harmonies. Subtle, earthy tones echo the work of the late, great Gene Clark. High praise indeed, though this is a standout track.

Invention colors the set, in terms of how guitar figures are plotted ("Lost", "You Said") though they never lose sight of the hook. More importantly, the iron clad harmonies always tie things together neatly and they have a well-honed sense of presentation. None of the material on Long Time Coming overstays its welcome, with all possible loose ends taken care of in the overall mix. Thoughtful lyrics only serve to ice the cake.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable listen in all respects. You will not be assaulted by miles of over-playing or self-indulgence. On the contrary, the sounds will gently work their way into your head, begging to be played again. It is a pity that more mainstream artists are not following the lead of indie acts in getting away from the clanging, artificial noise of the digital realm. This disc is a quiet reminder of just how powerful raw talent can be as opposed to the button-pushing trappings of software-driven "product".

Do yourself a favor and put Long Time Coming at the top of your playlist.

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