Sunday, April 10, 2011



Keeping the flames from the hard rock temple, UK based DeepSeaGreen are unleashing Valsorda, an EP that features six weighty slabs of uncompromisingly heavy, original music. Coming just over a year after their self-titled debut, the band put down these tracks over a few days in Northern Italy in March 2011. Translating the excitement of live playing in a studio environment is generally a tall order, though they pull it off successfully with electricity crackling from every pore of the disc.

Brothers Jon and Daniel Jefford with Trent Halliday and Marco Menestrina have been honing their chops since 2008. Tight and precise, they steer each of these blues/rock workouts expertly, at times shifting gears in the manner of early Sabbath.

Highlights are "Soul, Stray Cats and the Cosmos" which boasts fantastic, multi-part riffs and the groovy closer, "Small Stones", though everything they do here is more than engaging. The key is that they have taken a refreshing approach to recording, which is to simply plug in, set up and put the songs across. Having taken the time to plan the arrangements and rehearse beforehand, they hit the studio floor running, capturing the energy in every take.

Good things come to those who rock.

Vaslorda is as close to fine as it gets. Check it out for yourself here

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