Friday, March 19, 2010



Had the great pleasure to be steered toward a couple of taster tunes from a band called The CrawPuppies, who happen to have a new CD out called World's Much Bigger.

You can learn all about the quartet here

Straight up rock songs with good melodies always find a receptive audience and these guys certainly have that part locked down. The title track leans toward Being There era Wilco, which is certainly a plus. Crunchy guitars and a subtle hook line highlight a great tune. Most impressive is a deliberate move keep the vocals free of the dreaded modern engineering crutch: the auto tuner/pitch corrector. The band is allowed to breathe, though production values remain high.

Definite favorite of the two is "She Comes Lovely", which features fantastic changes, delicate guitar interpolations and excellent vocals. Again, it's refreshing to listen to people who are putting thought into the finished product.

I really like what I hear so far and look forward to spinning the full length disc.

In a plastic world, there's always room for craftsmanship.

The CrawPuppies are officially in my listening rotation.

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