Thursday, June 25, 2009


Caught the bad news on the wire. Already, the same phony pack of vultures that picked him apart in life are preparing tributes. Worse still, tasteless individuals have posted jokes in response to the announcement.

Just to dispense with hypocrisy, I was not a huge fan, though I was well aware of his talent. My son, on the other hand, loves all of the songs on "Thriller", which he would request immediately whenever we took him to visit with my sister. Here he is, grooving to MJ about a year ago.

I also had a flashback to the excitement of that same sister dancing around the living room and screaming when she won tickets through a radio contest to see the Jackson's "Victory Tour" in Toronto, way back in the fall of 1984.

His passing will doubtlessly trigger waves of shock, renewed interest in his music and the dreaded, endless symposiums on his personal life from all areas of the media. I'll just keep in mind that he was a man with a family, who will miss him terribly. I hope that the public will display a modicum of respect and allow those close to him the privacy to grieve his loss.

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Jermaine is kickin out the jams on that Gibson bass.