Friday, October 09, 2015


October 9th, 2015: John Winston Ono Lennon would have been entering his 75th year, had it not been for the act of a deranged person (and presuming that good health prevailed). He was complex, flawed, gifted, funny and a host of other descriptors that could be broadly applied to most human beings. His life changed dramatically at age 23 when worldwide fame swept him into a surreal existence that many people daydream about, though very few understand, appreciate or experience. This is what separated him from the millions of souls who had never breathed such rarefied air. Though his story is well documented, it is truly a shame that he wasn't afforded a few additional chapters.

For those who have taken his music into their lives, it's tempting to imagine what creative direction he would have pursued after 1980. Perhaps he may have had another "fuck it" moment, making a second retreat from public scrutiny to the comforts of home and family. Doubtless that he would marvel at the advances in technology, global communication; yet remain perplexed that nothing has truly changed in terms of our propensity to form groups for the sole purpose of enslaving, killing and depleting the resources of fellow humans. Better still would be to witness a subversive smile spreading across his aging face as he fixed his progressive lenses to read a myriad of quotes wrongly attributed to him in a sea of ridiculous internet memes.

Hold on John, John hold on, it's gonna be alright...

Separating the art from the artist, his overall body of work had definite weak spots, though the highlights far outweigh his lesser output. Pretty impressive legacy from a musical standpoint. His two cents would be invaluable in the age of over-shared and under-researched "opinions". Imagine the targeted missiles that would fly from his Twitter account, hastily composed in his bathrobe over morning coffee and a joint...Happy Birthday, JL, from this dimension to the one that you are currently inhabiting.

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