Sunday, April 21, 2013



It has been roughly fifteen years since a good friend of mine said "Listen to this" and proceeded to play "Waitin' For you Mama". In just over three minutes, I was floored. Floating over precise, crisp acoustic guitar (and tapping foot) was one of the most unique, soulful voices that I had ever heard.

We both were well into "a few drinks", so the timing of this surprise track couldn't have been better.

"Who was that?" was all that I managed.

Roy Forbes

Almost Overnight contains a treasure trove of songs from his early career (plus a cover), captured live in the studio. Acoustic guitar fanatics will take note of the impeccable playing. Rich wordplay, excellent melodies and his sure touch with a tune are all an integral part of his distinctive song writing voice.

"Right After My Heart" "Thistles and "Kid Full of Dreams" are standouts, though don't let that stop you from enjoying the rest.

Stunning originality is tough to come by in these times, yet that's exactly what the prospective listener finds in this music. Why he isn't much more well known continues to mystify, though if you play this for friends, they'll repeatedly thank you for it.

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Here's Roy playing a tune called "You Can't Catch Me" which he originally recorded on his debut LP (Kid Full of Dreams) in 1975 under his nickname, BIM.

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