Monday, September 10, 2012


Taking up the guitar requires commitment and a passion for the instrument. Shades of Play is a fantastic new e-book that is perfect for beginners. It will also inspire those who already have a few chords down to build upon their existing skill set.

The Joy of Discovery

Bill Dubois and Mark Kuta have designed a smart, easy guide to the rudiments of the six string that combines instruction with insight and humor. The authors are naturally empathetic to the novice player, sharing their own motivational tips and tricks to keep the process of learning fresh. I had the great pleasure of contributing the foreward to this fine project. After years of playing, there's still so much to know and immense satisfaction when your technique improves.

Shades of Play is available now as a download through itunes and can also be purchased at

You can also check out the Shades of Play Facebook page.

Keep your fingers moving!

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