Saturday, May 26, 2012


Meet Blade of Grass!

Breaking through the cracks of a drab, artificial musical landscape to remind us of what is real, Blade of Grass will not be denied. Mixing acoustic based, harmony laden material with deep grooves and some reggae thrown on the canvas to brighten the sonic picture, the writing is stellar. Additional kudos to these guys for not allowing their vocal tracks to descend deep into "pitch correction software hell", never to return. The melodies are fine, decanted in the welcome environment of real human beings playing their instruments.

My personal favorite is "Who You Gonna Run To" which employs a clever turnaround, deftly picked acoustic figures and hooks galore.

Sinewy basslines and hypnotic beats compliment their compositions, though they are always deployed in service of song structure. In short, there is a lot to like here.

Who are Blade of Grass?

Measured by their talent, they should be the pride of their native Costa Mesa, California.

Check out their site and purchase their music

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Katie Kernodle said...

This is Katie from the Cyber PR® Team, and I just wanted to thank you for supporting Blade of Grass!

Thanks! :)