Sunday, May 06, 2012



One of the great surprises in listening to contemporary music is finding bands/artists that don't fall prey to the sonic tools that have homogenized the sounds currently dominating radio play lists.

Crazy Mary offer the alternative.

Reaching back to an era where real people played music, that spirit of communal joy is infused in the grooves of their latest offering. Formed in New York back in 1998, Dreaming in Brilliant Color is the band's 10th release. Right out of the gate, "Come On Let's Go" is an exhortation to shake you out of complacency, bring you to your feet and join the party. Infectious and smart, the only choice for the listener is to comply. Highlights here include the dreamy "Song For A New Year", "Fallen Angel" and the experimental, yet very cool closer "Nick's New Groove".

Violinist Walter Steding brings another dimension to the band's sound, while vocalist Em Z graces the songs that guitarist/writer Charles Kibel brought to the sessions with her own unique style. Their blend of psychedelia, post rock sensibilities and soulful playing make for a rewarding listen, though you have to spin it a few times to truly take it all in.

Do yourself a favor and check out this record. Learn more about Crazy Mary here


Crazy Mary said...

Thanks once again for the kind words. I also enjoyed the previous article about King Crimson and Walter Steding's former collaborator, Robert Fripp. Check out their version of "Hound Dog" from the early eighties.

Shannon said...

This is Shannon from the Cyber PR® Team, and I just wanted to thank you for supporting Crazy Mary!