Sunday, May 08, 2011



Research Turtles are cause for rejoicing. This gladdening of the heart will begin as the intro to "Bugs In a Jar" makes its way through your Eustachian tube, striking the sweet spot in the higher level center of your brain. The opening instrumental hook, stylistically reminiscent of early Cars, runs quickly into an effective verse, culminating in a devastating chorus.

The best part? You may download this brilliant taster single for free right here

Recorded in a fitful week, the material is top shelf, melodic rock. In fact, these industrious lads nailed down all five tunes in five days.

Funf is English five

Spontaneity, energy, great musicianship and an ear for engaging songwriting will help put these guys at the top of everyone's playlist. One of the great pleasures in my life, aided and abetted by this blog, is finding up and coming bands that exceed expectations in every way possible. Research Turtles will reaffirm your belief in the power of tightly played rock and roll, delivered with a contemporary feel.

"You Are So" and "Mankiller", to borrow a phrase from the late Wesley Willis, both whip a penguin's ass. The EP, which is their second release, is available for public consumption on May 31st. Check out their website for details on purchasing their discs.

Caught in the act

Part two of Mankiller is coming out in September of this year.

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